Rockall Journals

A dive into the archives with a previous naval visit to Rockall

Rockall has intrigued mariners for many a decade.

On 31 July 1959, Lt P Cheshire of HMS CAVENDISH, a C-Class Destroyer, landed on Rockall and made the inscription “HMS CAVENDISH” in the cement on a ledge near the top of the rock. His son, Tom, has sent us a copy of his journal entries at the time, including sketches, press clippings and some photos, including one of him making the inscription. Sadly, his father passed away several months ago, but was always very interested with anything to do with Rockall.

He had joined up as a National Service Ordinary Seaman in May 1954 and served 36 years until retirement as a Captain in 1991.  He was a Hydrographer and served in 13 ships, commanding 3 of them and spent 20 of his 36 years in seagoing appointments.

We have briefed Cam to try and find the inscription and get an up to date photograph of it.

You can read the journal entries below. Click each image to expand.

Many thanks to Tom Cheshire for sharing this wonderful story.