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The operation to recover all the equipment from Rockall has begun. Cam, Emil and Nobby have set sail on SV Taeping to head back to Rockall as of 16th July. Subject to weather, they will arrive around 18th/19th July, and remove all the equipment from Rockall. They will also activate MM0UKI one last time, so that any radio operators who did not manage to get a QSL card last time can tick it off their list. Details will be posted to our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rockallexped


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Cam reports all is well after a few days with limited connectivity. He’s also sent a photo of the inside of the LandPod today.
04/06/2023 – 20:30 UTC (21:30 BST)
Cam has managed to send some photos through. These show the LandPod (his sleeping area), the weather this morning and how clear it was, and then this evening and how much the weather had closed in.
Credit Cam Cameron – RockallExped.comCredit Cam Cameron – RockallExped.comCredit Cam Cameron – RockallExped.comCredit Cam Cameron – RockallExped.comCredit Cam Cameron – RockallExped.com
04/06/2023 – 20:10 UTC (21:10 BST)
New photos courtesy of Emil Bergmann. Emil spent several days on Rockall with Cam and Nobby. He has confirmed the team made over 7,200 radio contacts over 54 hours of transmissions, spread over 4 days and 3 nights.
3,800 via CW (Morse Code)
1,500 via SSB (Voice)
The remainder via digital radio messages.
Credit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.comCredit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.comCredit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.comCredit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.comCredit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.comCredit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.comCredit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.comCredit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.comCredit Emil Bergmann – RockallExped.com
04/06/2023 – 20:00 UTC (21:00 BST)
New photos added courtesy of MPV HIRTA

03/06/2023 – 20:30 UTC (21:30 BST)

All stations. An important request.
Cam was unable to find his Short Wave radio before the departure, and as such, doesn’t have one with him. He’s therefore missing out on those human voices, music and shipping forecast for company now he’s on Rockall on his own. Very sad I know.
Unfortunately, Amazon prime isn’t able to deliver to Rockall at present (come on Bezos, sort yourself out).
On the off chance that there are any vessels in the vicinity of Rockall, that have a spare one they can off load to him on loan, it would be very very much appreciated!
Please feel free to share with any fishing crews you may be in contact with in the area, Facebook groups etc.

03/06/2023 – 20:00 UTC (21:00 BST)

Cam’s photos from the MPV HIRTA visit.

Credit Cam Cameron

Credit Cam Cameron

03/06/2023 – 19:00 UTC (20:00 BST)

Great news – Cam has had visitors! This time they didn’t have wings. At 16:00 BST, Marine Protection Vessel (MPV) HIRTA, from Marine Scotland (a directorate of the Scottish Government), paid Cam a visit to check on him and provide him with a few extra supplies. This was an absolutely brilliant surprise for Cam and provided a well needed morale boost.



01/06/2023 – 20:40 UTC (21:40 BST)

The radio transmissions will cease (QRT) early morning on Friday 02/06/2023. We have surpassed well in excess of 3,000 radio contacts from all over the world. The time has however come for the extraction of Nobby and Emil to begin. Exact numbers will be available once the team are safely off Rockall and have a chance to review the logs.

01/06/2023 – 05:50 UTC (06:50 BST)

From Cam – “We made it team. Thanks everyone. All safe. Tough ascent. Rough at the base of the Rock and weather is pretty good. Only 58 days to go”

Selfie of Cam on 31st May 2023 on Rockall

31/05/2023 – 20:10 UTC (21:10 BST)

Live update from Rockall: 3000 radio contacts so far!

Plus – it stinks (bird poo). The team are all loving it though. Current regular visitors are 2 Minke Whales, who are visiting within 50m of the rock daily!

31/05/2023 – 17:22 UTC (18:22 BST)

Emil, an expert mountaineer, was the first to land on the rock in order to fix and secure lines needed for Nobby and Cam to follow. It was not without incident – the swell was so great that he was washed into the sea twice before he was able to successfully able to get onto Rockall on the 3rd attempt.

Cam advises us their vessel, SV Taeping had to make 3 passes of Rockall before they were able to attempt any landings. Landings were carried out in Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), carried by the SV Taeping.

31/05/2023 – 10:36 UTC (11:36 BST)

We have had confirmation from a number of radio amateurs that the team are now transmitting and have successfully activated as MM0UKI (MIKE-MIKE-ZERO-UNIFORM-KILO-INDIA), the call sign for Rockall.

Several radio amateurs have made recordings of their transmissions, which can be heard on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

30/05/2023 – 09:32 UTC (10:32 BST)

We can see from the GPS vessel tracking that it has been in the vicinity of Rockall since 06:58 UTC (07:58 BST). We are awaiting news that they have landed and that their satellite phones work.

29/05/2023 – 08:05 UTC UTC (09:05 BST)

From Cam: We are now over half way to the danger zone!

28/05/2023 – 05:00 UTC (06:00 BST)

The vessel has now left Campbeltown – next stop Rockall.

27/05/2023 – 21:47 UTC (22:47 BST)

From Emil: We are about to shelter in Campbeltown till late in the eve when conditions will be favourable for us. We will then sail none stop to Rockall. We will arrive early Tuesday morning. There is much work to be done but conditions at the Rock should be very good.

27/05/2023 – 13:14 UTC (14:14 BST)

From Emil: Weather around Rockall has been a bit rough, but progress is good. Currently taking 2 hour shifts at the helm.

27/05/2023 – 06:00 UTC (07:00 BST)

There’s been a weather front in the vicinity of Rockall recently which has kicked up a swell. Having left port yesterday afternoon, the team have delayed the voyage a bit so the seas calm down, & now hope to arrive Tues AM. Currently off the Isle of Arran.

26/05/2023 – 20:00 UTC (21:00 BST)

They have sailed! Several days voyage now until they get on station!

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