An update from Cam

I’m safe and well after a good night’s sleep, courtesy of the hospitality and kindness from the people of Stornoway.  I owe this all to the courageous and speedy extraction from Rockall by the professionalism of HM COASTGUARD and in particular, Stornoway Coastguard, the Captain and crew of SAR Stornoway, under difficult wind conditions. Ably assisted by Captain and crew from Rescue 22, top cover fixed wing asset from 2excel.
During my initial mayday broadcast, HM Coastguard kept me informed of the incredible work going on behind the scenes. Special mention must go to the Captain and crew of Mv Nassauborg, who during my time awaiting the arrival of the SAR aircraft, maintained a constant visual contact with me on the rock thought the whole time the waves were washing over rockall. I was re-assured at all times that I was in safe hands and that I would return to see my family despite being in pain, exhausted and hypothermic.
I’ll need a moment or two to take stock, decompress, and get home to see my family. Thereafter, I’m happy to recount the whole experience. I did it for the charities and we have raised some much needed money for them. Please look out for the book on and watch the whole story unfold on www. ROCKALLDOC.COM.
Cam Cameron VR FRGS
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Copyright HM Coastguard Stornoway

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